How Social Media Affects Families

Posted on: February 7, 2013

Everyday millions of teenagers log in to their social networking sites. It is estimated that 93% of teens ages twelve through seventeen use the internet. Out of that 93%, over half of them have social networking profiles. Without enough communication between parents and children, the more likely a child will be rebellious and misbehave. Cutting out or reducing social networking time and replacing it with more family time will only help the teen for the better.

            To research this issue I will conduct a survey to middle and high school students. I will ask them how much time on average they spend a day on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. I will survey several families with children ranging in the preteen and teenage years. Every age will be in its own section to determine which age it affects the most. The correlation between age and family relationships will then be apparent.

            The main question asked is going to be if the amount of time spent on social media sites affects family relationships for the worse. I will determine if teens are more detached and short with their parents rather than open and honest. I will also look at how it affects boys and girls differently to see which gender is affected more by lack of family communication. I would like to find out all of the negative impacts of social media and the positive effects, if any, on family relationships. Perhaps a set time for each child made by their parents would be a good way to shorten time online and increase time with family.

            I will start out researching my proposal that social media affects family relationships by looking up statistics. I will have to see which social network is the most popular and how much time is spent on that website. I will start off using the internet to find the statistics, but may also use the library to find books that are more reliable than any websites. The statistics I will look for will include the exact amount of teens worldwide that have social networking sites and how many of those teens have more than one profile on different sites. The third source I will use is the personal interviews that I will have with students and their parents. The combination of all these sources will make for the best and most accurate answers to see if social media affects home life.

            The idea of social media affecting teenager’s home life is an issue that needs to be addressed. A resolution is needed for improvement in a teenager’s life. A better family relationship will help the child’s emotional and mental well- being. Reduction of the amount of time on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can only benefit the preteens and teens. Negative effects of social media will only continue to grow larger if something is not done about its impact on our nation’s youth.


1 Response to "How Social Media Affects Families"

Name: Megan Boyer
Proposal topic: How social media affects families
Opening statement
Opening statement and grade: Over 93% of teenagers use the internet, and over half of them have social networking sites and she would give herself an “A”.

Megan Boyer’s research proposal asks how social media affects families and their relationships. When researching this topic the Internet is a very useful research method but along with this, there are also other methods to use. For instance books, magazines and documentaries could strengthen the credibility of ones topic. Though the Internet may be useful, it may not always be 100% accurate and that’s why I believe this paper is not as strong as it could be. Personally, using the Internet as the main research approach would be the most helpful when looking to answers for to this question because it gives you a wide variety of information on many different cases. It is also easy to use and time convenient for busier people. Along with the Internet I would’ve personally interviewed families from different places and with children of different ages, asking them how social media has either negatively or positively affected their relationships. Using interviews as your main research approach gives your paper and topic a more personal edge. It lets outside readers to personally get in touch with families that have actually had this happen to them rather than just read about facts and statistics.

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